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Quality Assurance

We at Vandana Carpets always focus on Quality. There are set systems and procedures for checking the quality at each and every step from raw material to packaging. We intend to make the products which are "fit for purpose" and " right first time".

The quality is assured at every step from raw material procurement to final delivery of product / service.

We have four designated stores (bonded, quarantine, unsalvageable and unserviceable) for the clear demarcation of products received at the facility. The materials which are in satisfactory condition and are released on a release note are only kept in Bonded store.

Testing of Raw Material

  • Flammability test.
  • Color fastness.
  • Crocking (dry and wet).
  • Abrasion.
  • Tear strength.
  • Finish adhesion and flexibility.

Quality Assurance for Raw Material

Quality Assurance in Production