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Aircraft Polishing

Buffing and polishing is a process of de-oxidation and protection against corrosion.

  • Leading Metal Edges of Aircraft.
  • Exterior Painted Area of an Aircraft.

Veneer Coating - Air Charters

With an objective to give the material a Glossy Finish, Veneer Coating is carried out on Wooden and Metal Parts in the Aircraft Cabin.


With the objectives of giving executive grace to the interior metal accessories, anodizing is performed.

Types of Anodizing

  • Pure Gold Anodizing.
  • Silver Anodizing.
  • Copper Anodizing.
  • Brass Anodizing.
  • Nickel Anodizing.

We perform Anodizing on

  • Seat Belt Buckles.
  • Light Fittings.
  • Glass Holders.
  • Other Metal Accessories.