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Aviation Upholstery

Aviation Needs

Be it fabric, leather, poly urethane or raxene , at Vandana Carpets, you will find a wide range of colors and designs options to choose from. We not only provide you with the raw material, but also prepare the product and finally fit it on the aircraft.

Seat Covers

  • Passenger seat covers can be made up of Leather / fabric (hyperlink for types of fabric and leather).
  • Crew seat covers fabricated using Leather pilot seat covers fabricated using leather.

Tasks we perform:
(Steps to transform your ideas into reality)

  • Superior quality of raw material is used as per the customer needs & specification.
  • Latest techniques & machinery implied to seamlessly transform design into reality.
  • Highly trained staff & technician to ensure quality as per the industry standards.
  • Fixing & Fitting of the product.
  • Always there to help you whenever advised / required.

Different seats we fabricate:
(Using Leather / Fabric / Hair On Sheepskin)

  • Passenger Seat (Fabric / Leather).
  • Crew Seat (generally Leather).
  • Pilot Seat (generally Leather Hair on Sheepskin).

Seat covers can be made of leather / fabric.

Type of Fabric

  • Virgin wool / Trivera CS.
  • Plain / pattern / textured.

Type of Leather

  • Hides.
  • Hair On SheepSkin.
  • Perforated Leather as per the design requirements.
  • Suede.
  • Nubuck


Side Panels & Roof - Air Charters

Materials used in fabrication of roof and side panels are polyurethane or leather or fabrics. We help you in finding the best match as per the interior of your aircraft by providing a number of color and texture options.

Wooden & Metal Fittings - Air Charters

  • Eating Tables.
  • Cabinets.
  • Bulk Heads.
  • Glass Holders.
  • Ash Trays.
  • Literature Pockets.
  • Kitchen Setup.

Electric Fittings - Air Charters

We cater all electric fittings inside the business jets and charters. To highlight the most common fittings undertaken are :-

  • Lights.
  • Fans.
  • Reading Lamp.
  • Navigation Lights.


In aircrafts, curtains are used for mainly four purposes.

  • Windows (to block light).
  • Cabin partitions (between economy and business class).
  • Cockpit partition (between pilot and others).
  • Crew areas partition (between crew work /rest area and passengers).
  • Shower curtains (in bathrooms).

At Vandana Carpets, you will find all types of raw materials which fulfill the above purposes, viz

  • Fabrics.
  • Leather.
  • Polyurethane.

The basic qualities of raw materials used for curtain preparation are :-

  • High ability to drape - for good aesthetics.
  • Reversible – for good aesthetics.
  • Light in weight – the curtain must be hanged straight when tied up at centre with tie-back.
  • Loose weaving structure – the curtain must be hanged straight when tied up at centre with tie-back.

We design pleated as well as flat panel curtains.


Blankets of pure virgin wool or triveria CS fabric with elegant boarders are available in our facility.

Aircraft Blankings

In order to protect the aircraft from dust and dirt, we provide you with various blankings and body covers :-

  • Steamers of all size.
  • Pitot Covers.
  • Engine Covers.
  • Rotor Covers.
  • Various Inlet / Outlet Covers.
  • Body Covers.
  • Front Glass Shield Covers.
  • Nose Covers.
  • Wheel Covers.
We can print company's logo or any other matter on the blankings as per company's requirement. Material used is Polyurethane, Nylon Web fabrics or Rexene.

Carpet Runners

With an objective to keep your floor carpet clean and safe during maintenance and cleaning process of aircraft, we provide you with carpet runners. Runners are available in standard sizes and can be customized as per the requirements.

The popular materials used to prepare runners are :-

  • Transparent Acrylic Sheets.
  • Poly Urethane.
  • Rexene.
  • Leather.